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Fine fragrance consists of a range of perfumes and colognes. It is a general term for products diluted with alcohol.
When applied, fine fragrance can change one’s mood, and also asserts one’s uniqueness.

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At Fine Fragrances we passionately promote key as well as unique aroma molecules and ingredients. Partnering with world leaders and innovators in the Flavors & Fragrance Industry, we offer an exciting collection of high quality aroma raw materials that inspire companies using fragrances and flavors in ideating their future creations. Moreover, we commit ourselves to sharing know-how about the wide range of specialty ingredients stocked by. By communicating their unique features we constantly endeavor to support companies in translating this knowledge into a tangible benefit for their products.

Explaining The Fragrance Oil Triangle

Explaining The Fragrance Oil Triangle

Explore the fragrance triangle

The layers of a fragrance oil consist of three parts, often referred to as the fragrance triangle (or fragrance pyramid). These three parts each have their own significance in the makeup of a fragrance oil. However, what are these parts? What role does each layer play in the overall fragrance composition ? Let’s explore the fragrance triangle to better understand.

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