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  • Cacharel Yes I Am Glorious January 27, 2021
    Cacharel further extends its Yes I Am fragrance line with a new edition for 2021. The perfumes of the line that represents boldness and independence come in glass bottles with a lipstick-shaped design. Each of the fragrances comes with its own signature color. Yes I Am Glorious is the fourth edition of the collection, and it […]
  • Givenchy L'Interdit Édition Millésime January 27, 2021
    For the spring of 2021, Givenchy prepared a special edition of the 2018 L'Interdit fragrance that enhances the note of orange blossom in a hypnotic bouquet of white flowers. The new fragrance is called L'Interdit Édition Millésime. Egyptian orange blossom comes from a harvest dedicated to Maison Givenchy, according to the house, adding that each bottle of perfume […]
  • Patou pour Homme Jean Patou: Old And New January 27, 2021
    Last year it became known that Jean Patou fell into the hands of LVMH like an overripe fruit in the palms of a patiently waiting person, and the concern is that they are not going to resume the brand's perfume production. Now, while some are saddened by the loss, without exaggeration, of the legendary perfume brand, others are […]
  • My Smell Recovery After Covid-19 January 26, 2021
    The final week of 2020, right after Christmas, I got a very undesired present: COVID-19. I was never very scared of the eventuality of contracting the disease, but when it came, I was of course afraid and apprehensive. As healthy as I try to be, one can never know how things will develop. One day […]
  • Byredo Space Rage vs Pulp: How Marketing Prompts Effect Your Nose January 26, 2021
    The press release for the confusingly named “BYREDO x Cactus Jack Space Rage Travx” declares that the limited edition scent and candle “"literally smell like space” with notes of “cosmic dust, antimatter particles, starlight, the scent of a supernova, atmospheric vapour and dark nebulae.” Coincidentally, we’ve been covering a lot of current-day fragrance projects that have […]
  • Ténéré Paco Rabanne: Gone to a Beautiful Sunset January 26, 2021
    In one of his books, Luca Turin called Paco Rabanne a perfume house that is responsive and even predicts changes in perfumery fashion, releasing bestsellers to please the public. The story of Ténéré Paco Rabanne, launched in 1988 and almost forgotten already, shows that the Spanish brand has had setbacks. The cologne invited men to discover […]
  • L’ORCHESTRE PARFUM: Music in Perfumes January 25, 2021
    I have always been keen on synaesthesia - a special ability of our perception that allows us to associate names with certain colors, musical notes to possess certain scents, and hues to each have their own taste (and no, I am not talking about the honey-based watercolor paints they used to sell in Leningrad back in the […]
  • Melon Revisited: From History to Contemporary Fragrances January 25, 2021
    For many people, melon as a fragrance note is their personal Kryptonite, the one thing they detest and despise which can ruin an otherwise pleasurable fragrant experience. There is an historical reason for all this, of course. It is not possible to extract an essential oil from melon the fruit, as is the case with […]
  • Vince Camuto Illuminare Intensa January 25, 2021
    The house of Vince Camuto presented the new pillar fragrance ILLUMINARE in 2019 as a bright and fresh floral oriental. Its new, enhanced version comes out in early 2021 as Illuminare Intensa — a perfume described as mysterious, deep, and unexpected. The night-time fragrant composition expresses elegance through a sensual blend of dark, juicy fruit and spices. The […]
  • Virgile Sylvaine Delacourte Review January 24, 2021
    In modern perfumery, it's not easy to find a fragrance that is unlike anything else. When any successful fragrance is analyzed and then replicated by several brands at once, when thousands of new products are released every year, unique fragrances among them are like a needle in a haystack. (OK, let's say, unique and interesting.) Fragrances […]